Breath holding assembly work, as the delicate sense of the craftsman reaches the fine tip of the tool. The balance is put in place, and then the movement, which begins to move as if coming to life.

Since the debut of the world's highest precision mechanical watch named Grand Seiko in 1960, we have kept our deep passion for workmanship with our fine assembly technique. Our passion to provide customers with the highest quality and accuracy products remains unchanged through the generations. Throughout the years, craftsmanship and high-precision assembly technology have gone into making watches of the highest quality and accuracy.

We focus our efforts to merge our skilled expertise and the state-of-the-art technologies and introduce CAE/CAD/CAM-based design techniques and ultra-precision fabrication technologies, and we continually strive to create high-grade watches that win a customer's heart.


takumi_01   We pursue precision meticulously by hand...
With a focus on excellence in watchmaking at Morioka Seiko.


グランドセイコー (ハイビート 36000)   クレドール (スケルトン)
Grand Seiko (Hi Beat 36000)   CREDOR (Skeleton)


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Mechanical Movement   Proof of accuracy
- the Grand Seiko Rating Certificate