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Morioka is a city nestled among forests and streams, and blessed with a panoramic view of the magnificent Mount Iwate. It was in this natural setting, one perfectly suited for watchmaking, that we established Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc. in 1970.

Today, as a watch-manufacturing base of the Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) Group, we offer a variety of products to customers all over the world. Our inherent craftsmanship creates high classed watches with the world's highest accuracy. At the same time, our highly automated state-of-the-art production line produces movements for quartz watches.

We are proud of our pioneer spirit and our position as the world's top watch-manufacturing company. While uniting our technical skill and leading edge technology, and harmonizing with rich natural environment, we will continue to make a product enjoyable and beloved by the people of the world.



Corporate Name Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc.
Office 地図を見る61-1, Itabashi, Shizukuishi-cho,
Iwate-gun, Iwate 020-0596
Representatives President   Yoshiaki Hayashi
Established October 7, 1970
Paid-in Capital 2,000 million yen




1970 Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc. was founded at Shizukuishi-cho along with the Seiko Group's expansion of watch production.
1971 A factory was completed at Shizukuishi-cho and started its watch parts production.
1972 Started the production of mechanical watches.
1974 Ninohe Tokei Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established as an in-house watch parts factory.
1980 Started the production of quartz watches.
1986 Achieved an annual production of 10 million watches.
1987 Michinoku Service Co., Ltd. was established.
1989 Built an extension to a watch parts assembly factory and started its operation as a Factory Automation (FA) plant.
1992 Build an extension to a new plating factory.
1992 Capitalized Tono Seiki Co., Ltd.
1994 New watch planning and launching function was transferred to Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc.
1999 All domestic watch production functions were consolidated in Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc.
2000 Plastic parts production was transferred to Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc.
2004 The Shizukuishi Watch Studio was established within the site of Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc.
2006 Tono Seiki Y.K. changed its company name to “Tono Seiki Co., Ltd.”
2006 “Iwate mechanical watchmaker skills assessment” was established.