Morioka Seiko Instruments employs state-of-the-art automation to manufacture high-quality watches in smooth succession, whether in high volumes or in small lots of greater variety.

Though the years, Morioka Seiko has remained focused on technical innovation. Our efforts have led to full automation of the production lines and the establishment of sophisticated quality control system.

As a result, our watch movements have gained a reputation worldwide for their consistently high quality, accuracy, and performance. Our watch movements are now being put on the global market and support high grade watches as their heart.


Automated assembly lines in the clean room


A coil block is an assembly made by coiling copper wire finer than a human hair at several tens of thousands rpm. Taking the place of human eyes, intelligent robots assemble watch movements while checking the direction and position of parts. Quartz watch movements are produced one by one on the automated assembly line in our clean room.


MACS: Movement Assembly Computer Controlled System


Circuit block production
with the Vision System
  CAE / CAD / CAM systems


Mounting the integrated circuit that functions as the "brain" of the watch onto the quartz crystal substrate, precision adjustments, and inspections are all fully automated processes.   Machines with a built-in automatic feeding unit feature high-precision positioning technology to assemble dozens of parts at high speed.


The assembled movements undergo strict inspections using an automated advanced inspection system.   The last step is the outer case assembly.
This originally designed "intelligent robot" is equipped with a tiny camera and vision system to "see" the shape and the location of parts, resulting in remarkable continuous operation.