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Establishment of a parts supply system directly linking to our production line allows for a long and successive run of the assembly line, and shortens the time for changing one production model to another.

We, as a member of the SII Group, remain committed to technological development in the filed of micro-mechatronics. Now, we produce not only watch parts but also high precision parts including the world's smallest ultrasonic micro-motors. Our precision components help customers make technological breakthroughs in their own products.


Press forming of precision metal parts


グランドセイコー (ハイビート 36000)   クレドール (スケルトン)
Injection molding line for plastic parts   This is our high-precision automatic lathe line.
Here, watch parts such as screws, pins, and gears are made with great accuracy and precision.


グランドセイコー (ハイビート 36000)   クレドール (スケルトン)
This is a high-speed press that
makes parts using a punching process.
  Parts that are even smaller with more complex shapes are manufactured with the help of this injection molding machine.


グランドセイコー (ハイビート 36000)   クレドール (スケルトン)
Engineering plastics are melted at high temperature and injected into molds at high pressure to form these parts.   Inspection of Mold Parts


グランドセイコー (ハイビート 36000)    
Automated plating equipment