Luxury Mechanical Watches

At the manufacturing site of our luxury mechanical watches, beginning with dies and jigs, we carefully manufacture very precise parts one by one. Through utilization of both the latest technology such as NC automatic lathes and MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) and past equipment such as the balance staff polishing machinery inherited from the beginning (the Kameido factory era), after undergoing many other work processes and strict inspections, our luxury mechanical watches are born. Many carefully processed parts are finished by hand. The highlight of the assembly process is the mounting of the balance wheel, which is the lifeforce of a mechanical watch. At that moment, the movement begins ticking as if life had been breathed into it.

Assembly of mechanical movementsAssembly of mechanical movements

Micro Electro Mechanical SystemsMicro Electro Mechanical Systems

Main plate and bridge processMain plate and bridge process

Parts assemblyParts assembly

NC automatic lathe processNC automatic lathe process

Our luxury mechanical watches are assembled by highly-skilled craftsmen and their accuracy is certified through the extremely strict standard inspections as represented by the Grand Seiko standard inspection. We carry out manufacturing with pride as a company that creates all elements of our watches ourselves.

1.Decorative process 2.CREDOR 3.Grand Seiko 1.Decorative process 2.CREDOR 3.Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko standard inspectionGrand Seiko standard inspection

External parts assemblyExternal parts assembly

Band attachment and shippingBand attachment and shipping

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