High quality assuranceHigh quality assurance

High accuracy standards

The new Grand Seiko Standard, established in 1998, sets a higher standard of accuracy than the chronometer standard established by The Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC).
In addition, the Grand Seiko Special (GSS) Standard, which exceeds the new Grand Seiko Standard, is a special standard with an average accuracy of -2 to +4 seconds per day, which is a level of accuracy that takes a skilled watchmaker much longer to reach than that of a normal mechanical watch.

Grand Seiko Standard inspection test

The 9S mechanical movement must pass an independent inspection test based on strict standards over a period of 17 days.
Under a variety of conditions, including six directions of positional difference and three temperature levels, the time advance or delay (accuracy per day) is adjusted to stay within the standard values to provide high quality.

Quality assurance from the customer’s perspectiveQuality assurance from the customer’s perspective

Inspection after casing, before shipmentInspection after casing, before shipment

We are confident in and take pride
in the high quality of products made in Japan.

The assembled movements undergo strict inspections using an automated advanced inspection system.

Building in quality with painstaking care...
For each and every customer...
Is a policy for Morioka Seiko... That we have maintained from our first day.

In-line electrical characterizationIn-line electrical characterization

Three-dimensional measurementThree-dimensional measurement

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