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Green Process

Morioka Seiko Instruments is manufacturing that is friendly to the global environment and is engaged in activities such as saving energy and resources while reducing waste and harmful chemical substances.

We are always upgrading to energy-saving equipment in order to reduce global warming.
Over 90% of our factory including outdoor lights have been converted to LEDs.


We reduce harmful environmental impacts of waste water by treating and purifying it before it leaves our facility. We also filter our gas exhaust before it leaves our facility.


January 22, 2009
Certified as the “highest 4 star-rating, eco-friendly factory in Iwate”.


(Renewal every three years)


※1: Iwate prefecture uses a system to evaluate and certify our business sites where we actively take measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to reduce global warming emissions. Four stars (★★★★) is the highest rank.